Return conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions 

Before making a payment, the customer must verify Be sure of products and prices before placing an order When customers order products through the shop system with the shop and there has been a reply and payment has arrived. The purchase process is deemed to be completed and the order is complete.

         1.  The customer agrees to pay for the goods by cash or transfer to the store's account.The customer agrees to pay for the goods by cash or transfer to the store's account.
        2. The customer agrees not to later cancel the payment unless: The purchase between the customer and the store is not in accordance with the agreement. or did not receive the delivery of the goods Or the product that the customer receives looks different from the details that the store has posted.
        3. The customer is aware of the refund procedures that have been paid. The shop will refund the next day after receiving the returned product or as agreed with the customer.
        4. The shop will pay back. By paying through the name and the same account that the product has been purchased or paid for only.

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Return Policy 
Return or refund policy is something you should notify customers of before and after purchase, topics are as follows:

  1. The period during which the customer can notify the replacement or return of the product within 15 days of receiving the product.
  2. If the product has a problem various damage caused by the shop Customers can request to change the product. (In case there is a replacement for the same product) If there is no replacement product, the store asks for a full refund to the customer.
  3. If the product has a problem Customers must collect evidence for the shop as follows. Condition in original condition, price tag, package, parcel box, receipt.
  4. Return shipping costs The shop is responsible for all such as return shipping costs.
  5. New delivery time Depends on the date the store received the returned product. Delivery time of new item 3 days
  6. If there is a product that we do not accept exchange or return. The shop will say “It cannot be exchanged or returned.”

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